Stolen Art

I get it, there are so many amazing diamonds paintings available to purchase, some great quality and others … not so much. When I had my lightbulb moment to create my online store I looked into stocking diamond art already on the market. The thing is once I dug a little deep I discovered that a vast majority of the art is stolen. I contacted some of the artists through different social media avenues and asked if they had approved some of the more well known pieces that I loved. Disappointingly they had not given their consent for their art to be used in this way and due to limited funds and the scale of the theft they were unable to take legal action

In New Zealand copyright automatically applies from when an artist’s work is created and will last for the artist’s lifetime plus 50 years. To use someone else’s artwork, a licence is required by contacting the owner of the art and requesting permission. A contract can be entered into where the licence holder will pay the copyright owner for use of the copyright work for a specified period of time.

Using someone else’s artwork without consent for monetary gain is illegal so I had my second lightbulb moment and decided to “get MY art on” and create my own diamond art. I was lucky enough to have travelled the world backpacking in my 20s in the early 2000s, those photos have been then transformed into digital art.

Quality as well as originality is important to me, so go “get YOUR art on” with our exclusive diamond paintings and see what sets Diamond Craft apart from the rest.

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